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Sue Heron

Sue Heron

It just seemed like a natural progression to become a presenter on LCR FM, presenting the Classical Hour.

I am a classically trained Flautist, performing in Orchestras, Chamber groups, Theatre Orchestras, and a folk music performer, playing in groups/bands in the UK and Europe. Along side the performing, I am a Primary School Music Specialist, teaching thousands of children in Lincolnshire, anything to do with music – singing, composing, performing, covering all instruments, styles and genres of music, Tyko and Djembe drumming being my favourite lessons.

I trained as a choral director, running children’s, youth and adult choirs.

So, I am very used to standing in front of small or large groups of people, talking to them about the music of which I am very passionate. Presenting on LCR FM means that I can continue to do that but in a more intimate setting – your home. Thank you for inviting me in to share these moments.